P3-05 Global Gendered Democratic Reform in Our Golden Age: Historical Achievements and Future Improvements

Call for papers



Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences (YASS)


The HK China’s election in 2017 will be great steps forward for both global and regional democratic transformation, especially in Asia, with its ancient political civilization. The values and cultural traditions (such as the Chinese philosophical school of Rujia and the ethics of Dao, junzi, and ren; especially Mencius (372 – 289 BC) who wrote on innate goodness of the individual) further demand deeper understanding of gendered electoral reform-related topics today. We will refer political representation theory to discuss issues

1) transforming democratic representation efforts and improving proposals;
2) How will the HK election will influence mainland china? In what way?
3) female leader’s wisdom and modesty, integrity and single-minded devotion to duty:
4) Changing the meaning of the concept of ‘democracy’- 16th, 20th century efforts and 21st century problems that have emerged: 5)China’s gendered democratic writings and heritages (Lu Xun 鲁迅 Xie Bingxin 谢冰心 Ding Ling 丁玲 and Xiao hong 萧红on )

we welcome papers and presentations on new ideas and suggestions for future gendered democracy-related reforms (reforming the content of economic development-advocating a new type of economic arrangements and establishing a new style of women networks to enhance democracy. We invite papers on activities such as: transparency, inclusiveness, accountability and the implementation economic development projects to be monitored with diligence, the case studies and fresh data will help designing new development programs. A small scale photo exhibition project will be organized: the theme: Village and county level women’s federation leader’s election activities and its important implications.