P5-07 21st century’s New or Emerging Positions and Perspectives on Gender and Food Safety Issues: Impact of technologies on food security and poverty alleviation

Call for papers



Rusmin Tumanggor
The State Islamic University, Indonesia


Huibo LUO
Sichuan University of Science and Engineering


The outbreak of adding melamine poisoning to milk scandal in 2008 and the gutter oil as a raw material in 2012 in mainland and 2014 in Taiwan have damaged women and children’ health. Reflections will cover following aspects:

1) Global water crisis/ water privatization;Agricultural use the Earth’s fresh water up to 70 percent to rise by 50-100 percent by 2025’) hydroelectric dams and mega-canal projects relying because of many countries can no longer depend on rainfall or natural flood cycles.

2) Climate change (Siberian agriculture could benefit from climate change) t the shift of traditional crops (maize, grain, potatoes) northward non-traditional crops (berries, sunflowers, melons) could be established on the southern sides

3) Agricultural diseases: Tanzania in 2005 and 2009Liberia food crisis.

4) GM Foods processed using genetically engineered products and related global and national regulations (WHO) (FAO) and (CAC)

5) 1) Fast food consumption rising obesity and health-related problems high blood pressure, cholesterol concentrations, heart problems,

6) Efforts and strategies of a) Homemakers United Foundation in Taiwan, b) The Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

7) Detection technology on a) organic foods;b) food pesticide residues c)chemical fertilizer detection and 8) Josh Tetrick’s future food innovation projects and feminist studies on the technological risks; ethics

Two small photo exhibition projects will be organized:
1) Women’s organizations for food safety in three countries: their activities and future plans.
2) Food culture and food business; Special Mountain regional food systems Tea, Wine, Mushrooms and valuable medicine products will be introduced and discussed.

panel presented by IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Women