P6-05 Ecofeminism-Ethic and Eco-ICH Tourism Development: Beyond Conservation/Development Framework

Call for papers



Beth E. Notar
Department of Anthropology, Hartford College


We will first review classic ecological studies ; (1) Rolston/ Stretton debate on natural aristocrats: 2) Abram argued that we and nature are “common flesh” 3) Rolston/Guha debate on “missionary” tendencies of some kinds of deep ecological theories: 4) Bookchin on culture as second nature concept”)

Detailed discussion topics are: 1) Empowerment of local communities best practices case studies: 2) Contrast to neoclassical economics interests, public, private, collective and mixed diversified ownership patterns (ref: Hardin, G. (1968). The tragedy of the commons and writings by Elinor “Lin” Ostrom 1933-2012) for managing both market and Non-market natural resources, (religious sites); and 3) Major global eco-and ICH tourism regulations.

For research sharing, we invited representatives of Chengtoushan (城頭山) (Neolithic settlement contains the earliest dated rice field in China (4500-3000BC) tourism units and local management leaders (Kaiqing KANG 康开清 and Dewu HUANG 黄德武, who will present their views on small, medium, micro tourism-enterprises relation to keep local ecological, medicine,and food knowledes. In central-western china’s ICH tourism we invite Sichuan Forestry Tourism Office leader (Chaohong MA 马朝洪. He will present his studies on tourism development plans for Mount Emei and other regions of Sichuan.

A small photo exhibition project will be organized, with the theme of ‘The ecotourism and wildlife conservation and IHC tourism development strategy. Theater performing and poem reciting projects will be held before starting and after finishing this panel. The Yi, Tibet, Mongolia, Han and other countries mountain poems and folksong will be presented.

Keynote speaker: Mr. Jidi majia (吉狄马加) a distinguished poet, president of the Chinese minority writers society, and president of the poetry institute of China,-Majia will talk about the newly lunched joint KunlunMounthttp:// (Qinghai) and Mount/Everest/Himalayas( (Tibet) eco-ICH tourism plans, the Golmud International Mountain Documentary Festivel and possible future cooperative plans with the IUAES. A discussion section on Animal welfare in fiction and poetry: China’s conversation with the world which will be held and Jidi Majia’s book of Rhapsody in Black, and the recently launched book ( I, Snow Leopard… (我,雪豹..) will be discussed. ‘ Several filmmakers from the GIMDFF–Golmud international mountain documentary film festival will be invited. (Svatos; Halla; Swidersui; JH Park; Woo; Ang; Li Ya 李亚)