P4-03 Elderly People and Human Rights

Call for papers



Rahul Patel
Allahabad University


Mahima Devi


Family of orientation and family of procreation are under conflict because in the era of globalization size of family is decided in the frame of economy and in developing countries only one parents can live within the walls either orientation or procreation but at the level of state old age homes are increasing which again shows the disintegration of family structure. It is pity to accept this fact that in the era of globalization, which is basically concerned with the easy flow of commodities from one place to another, human being is also encompassed with this thought and elderly people are treated as dead human being who are socially , economically and psychologically deprived.

So this panel invites academicians, researchers across the globe to present their research papers on this above theme.

Man made culture to enhance his life properly. He made artificial armour to protect himself from natural disaster and calamity but culture has also its limit and carrying capacity so after a certain period it became difficult to cope with challenges like basic necessities of man which increased in the same proportion as population increased and this imbalance was overcome by the state when it came in existence and it provided safeguard to all weaker sections or vulnerable groups and elderly people are one of them. Elderly people are also human being with all types of required necessities as a young man want to sustain his life but body strength is not same always, so elderly people find helpless themselves after the age of 60 and above to get anything on their own feet and this condition becomes pity when their own children take them as useless and worthless objects in house and they don’t want to pay any attention on them and this situation becomes worst during their health problems . Generally people avoid to look after them and don’t visit to a good doctor or medical facility . they prefer to go to quacks or local doctor because of economic reason . Old age homes across the globe are efficient to tell what is going on with elderly people in their own homes . so it is time to discuss this world wide problem by your experience , research papers .