P6-01 Culture Industry and Fashion Trend across the Globe

Call for papers



Shikha Chantia
Fashion Technology, Amity University


Sanjay Saxena
Fashion Technology, Amity University


A well known parlance “Health is Wealth” is not appropriate in the era of globalization because without wealth no one can’t think about prosperity. A nation is strong because of it large population but how it manages their basic necessities. Natural resources of a country could make a big market but without having good customers it is worthless and in this regard emerging fashion can make wealthy and strong nation. Culture is a specific recognition of a group or a society or a state but culture has its own limit and carrying capacity , so culture could sustain if we follow the process of diffusion instead of acculturation . So how does a culture could sustain and how culture can play a vital role in the expansion of a country development is the thrust area of this panel. Can fashion as culture industry make a developed nation?

Life beget life but culture also beget culture because acculturation, , diffusion all modes make a culture into a different culture but what is the utility of any culture if it is helpless to cope with present situation and it is not in position to provide livelihood and sustainability to its people . That is why a culture always wants to expend itself . when the globe is in the clutch of globalization and people from across the globe wants to sustain with new situation for cozy life , any culture may draw the attention of global people by its queer characteristics like food habits attire etc and could be establish as culture industry . Fashion is mode to accelerate the world culturally and economically too , so it is a very good platform to discuss that how is a fashion turning in to culture industry ? and we may also know that how does a culture become global form its local sphere by the effect of fashion. So all academician and researchers who have interest to discuss fashion as a mode of culture industry come to this panel and make their deliberations for better tomorrow of the current world economically and culturally too .