Ethnicity and Religion Revisited

featured panel
FP02 ‘In God We Trust’: the Adventures of Economy and Religion in the Contemporary World

P1-01 The Maintenance and Resinification of Chinese Identities in Southeast-Asian Chinese Community: An Anthropological and Sociological Exploration

P1-02 Fear, or Better Fear Not: Challenges in Data Collection

P1-03 Re-imagining Religion’s Boundaries

P1-04 Interfaith Cooperation on Peace, Justice and Development: Perspectives from the Anthropology of Living Religions

P1-05 Transformed Morality and Ethics Revised with/without Religion

P1-06 Death, Burial and Cremation Rituals and Cemeteries among Diasporic Chinese

P1-07 Migration and Urbanization: the Role of Ethnicity in the Contemporary World

P1-08 The Politics of Religious Space-Making

P1-09 Post-Secularism in Contemporary Life


Modernity, Development, Mobility

P2-01 Decline of Small Towns and Growth of Megacities: an Universal Phenomenon?

P2-02 Frontier Regions, Modernity and Development: Borders and the Arts of Ressistance

P2-03 Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development

P2-04 Post-Home(Land): Being and Belonging after Spatial and Temporal Alienation

P2-05 Ethnographic Practices and Anthropological Theories of Multiculturalism and Diversity in South East Asian Subsidiaries of Transnational Organizations


Gender, Family, Generational Relations

P3-01 Gerontology and its Problems: Anthropological-Sociological Perspectives

P3-02 Reassembling Relationships of Care: Conviviality and Conflict in New Patterns of Gender, Family and Generational Relations in Contexts of Globalization

P3-03 Gendered Mobilities and Southeast Asia

P3-04 Theorizing Gender Violence and ‘Harm’ : ‘Harmful Cultural Practices’ as a Viable Notion of Comparative Analysis across Cultural Contexts

P3-05 Global Gendered Democratic Reform in Our Golden Age: Historical Achievements and Future Improvements

P3-06 Re-Imagining and Transgressing Boundaries: Feminist Anthropology as Human Rights Work

P3-07 Re-negotiating Intimacy, Care and Family Ties in Indigenous Amazon

Politics, Conflict, Security, Human Rights

P4-01 Anthropological Vision on Health, Hazard and Human Rights in the Era of Globalization

P4-02 Migration in the Context of Skills Transfer, Criminality and Political Reorientations

P4-03 Elderly People and Human Rights

P4-04 Contesting the “Emptiness” of Space: Towards an Anthropology of Deserts

P4-05 Humanitarian Intervention: its utility in the 21st Century and Future in International Politics and Conflict Management

P4-06 Early Education and Care (ECEC) and Elementary Schoolarization in Contemporary Brazil: Anthropological, Ethnohistorical and Sociological Perspectives

P4-07 Rights and Securities of Slum Dwelling Children

P4-08 Between Activism and the Academy: An Anthropology of Human Rights

P4-09 Narration on the Nation-State: Modernity, Governance, Subject and the Local Citizenships from Below

P4-10 Between Fear and Hope: Displacement and Human Rights

Food, Natural Resources and Agrarian Transformation

P5-01 Achieving Food Security and Health in the Face of Climate Change

P5-02 Ecological/Environmental Anthropology: Revisiting Knowledge and Practices on Current Environmental Issues in Thailand and Other World Regions

P5-03 Foods Rooted in Tradition: Local Products and Protected Designations in an Interrelated World

P5-04 Neo-Liberalization, Contesting Spaces of Food and Non-food Production, and Agrarian Transformation in SEA

P5-05 Pathways to Natural Resource Security

P5-06Indigenous People: Struggle for Survival

P5-07 21st century’s New or Emerging Positions and Perspectives on Gender and Food Safety Issues: Impact of Technologies on Food Security and Poverty Alleviation

Cultural Heritage Management, Creative Tourism, Culture Industry: Prospects and Expectations

P6-01 Culture Industry and Fashion Trend across the Globe

P6-02 Expanding Anthropology through Literature: Studies in Folk Literature

P6-03 We are NOT Selling Things (Cultural Commodities): Creative Tourism and Sustainable Community Development

P6-04 Localism and Globalism: Transformation of Popular Music

P6-05 Ecofeminism-Ethic and Eco-ICH Tourism Development: Beyond Conservation/Development Framework

P6-06 Heritage Managements in ASEAN: Trends and Developments

P6-07 Re-thinking Ethnographic Museums: New Approaches and Perspectives in the Contemporaneity

P6-08 Anthropological Archaeology Beyond Borders

Work | Play: Making Cultures, Making Persons

P7-01 School Education, Socialization and the Configuration of Social Models

P7-02 Bodily Entanglements: Sensorial and Material Productions of the Social

P7-03 Anthropology and Sociology in Design and Technology

P7-04 Issues and Means of Intergenerational Succession and Cross-cultural Transmission of Management Philosophies and Work Values

P7-05 Anthropology for Eleven: Challenging Ourselves

P7-06 Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Disciplinary and Material Boundaries

P7-07 Underground Scenes and Practices in Urban Life and Beyond

P7-08 Enculturation through Games Children Play

Science and Technology

P8-01 Towards an Anthropology of the Amphibious: Shifting Boundaries in the Era of Climate Change

P8-02 Medical Anthropology: Re-imagining Suffering of Brain & Mind

P8-03 Bioethics, Medical Pluralism and Health Seeking Behavior in Developing Countries: A Need for a New Paradigm

P8-04 From the Microscipic to the Global: Scaling in Medical Science and Technology

Anthropology and Sociology from the Global South

featured panel
FP03 [WCAA Roundtable] Do Good Fences make Good Neighbours?: Perspectives on the Anthropology-Sociology Relationship from Plural Global Vantage Points

P9-01 Economic Anthropology and Development Alternatives: A Call to “Re-Politicize” Theory and Practice

P9-02 Japanese Immigration Narratives from/to the South

P9-03 China Forum: Development in Indigenous Areas and Development of Minorities

P9-04 The BRICS Countries: Globalization, Emerging Markets and Culture Change

P9-05 Overseas Chinese Business: Social Network, Organization and Culture

P9-06 ASEAN: The Relation between Business Development and Local Society & Ethnic Culture

P9-07 Discourses on Development and Governance: Merging Contours of Sociological and Anthropological Paradigms

P9-08 Contemporary Anthropological Problems: Approaches from Latin America

P9-09 Anthropology and Sociology by Global South

P9-10 Anthropology of Public Policy and Governance

P9-11 Myth and Mimicries of Multiculturalism: A Discourse in the Developed Nations’ Comfort Zone

P9-12 Money and the Global South: New Objects of Study, New Epistemological and Methodological Horizons

P9-13 Contribution of Non-European Anthropologists to the Discipline