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Author Paper Panel
ACCIAIOLI, Greg The Vexed Relationship of Anthropology and Sociology in Joint Departments in Australian Universities FP-03
ACCIAIOLI, Greg Frontierisation and Defrontierisation: Reconceptualising Frontier Frames in Changthang, Ladakh (India), and Lindu, Central Sulawesi (Indonesia) P2-02
ACHARYA, Sanghmitra S. Marginalisation and Vulnerabilities of the Migrant Youth- Illustrations from India P4-02
ADEYEMO, Remi Food Security and Health : The Plight of Those Who Feed Us P5-01
AGARWAL , Sheetal Displacing Women from Resettlement: Donor Agencies and the State P9-10
AHAMED, Farid Uddin Home and Away Home: Migration Aspirations and their Transformative Effects among Bangladeshi Migrants P2-04
AMBAGUDIA, Jagannath Who Decides, Who Suffers? Adivasis and Confrontations over Resources in Scheduled Areas of Odisha, India P5-06
ANDREU, Patricia Contemporany crossroads of work transformation in Argentina. A questioning of worker´s based on qualifications and competence P9-08
ANEKSUK, Boonyasarit The Imagination of Thainess for Tourism: A case study of Phitsanulok province P6-03
ANG, Ming Chee Chinese Education in Malaysia: Identities and Characteristics P1-01
ANTUNES STOLLMEIER, Luara The Green Gold of Paraná: people, work and space in the 19th century P7-06
ARAKI, Ryo Religious Practice as an “Object” P1-09
ARORA, GUNJAN Transition in Caring Practices: reflections on gender and inter-generational relations P3-02
ASAMIZU, Munehiko International Perspectives in Rural Tourism in Japan: Challenge in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture P6-03
ATHIAS, Renato Contribution to the debate about the Museums of Anthropology in Brazil P6-07
AWASTHI , Suchitra Jagar: invoking the gods P6-02
AYABE, Masao Wandering Commonalities: On Secularization of Lisuness in Thailand P1-08
BADARO , Maximo Profanations of Value: luxury, consumption and market expertise in contemporary China P9-12
BAJPAI, Sapna Amalgamation of Arts in Fashion: a new emerging industry P6-01
BALZANI, Marzia Constructions and Consequences of Sameness and Difference: Ahmadiyya Islam in colonial, post-colonial and global contexts P1-03
BARUA , Pinky Income Generating Activities of Amri Karbi Women and Contribution to Household Expenditure: A sociological study of Assam, India P9-07
BARUA , Prarthana The Politics of Plantations in North-East India P9-07
BARUAH, Joydeep Locating the Rhetoric of ‘Decentralisation’ and ‘Inclusion’ within Neo-liberal Order: Evidences from India P9-07
BASIRI, Nasim Enhancing Security and Human Rights in Afghanistan, Monitoring Afghan Women’s Security P3-04
BEGUM, Momotaj On Transcultural Muslim Womanhood: Narratives and Practices of Women Travelers in Tablighi Jamaat Movement P9-11
BEHERA, Hari Charan Neoliberal Land Reforms, Property and Social Relationships in India P9-12
BELIN, Lena Experiences of Repeat Migration – why and how P2-04
BELLINA, Bérénice All-in-one Museum / One Museum for all? Multiple voices for a heritage center in the Upper South of Thailand P6-06
BHANDARI, Riddhi Making the State Wait: Risks and Strategies of Small Entrepreneurs in the Tourism Market in Taj Ganj, Agra P9-07
BHARTI, Mukesh The Rising Scope of Academic Discourse on LGBT Rights in India: A Human Rights Perspective P3-06
BHATTACHARJEE, Somenath Significance of forest resources on livelihood sustainability and cultural tradition: Emerging issues and challenges for the Karbi tribal group in north east India P5-06
BHATTACHARYA, Indrani Museum Ethnography: the future of Museum Anthropology P6-07
BHATTACHARYA, Shreyasi Role Conflict among Working Women in Dual Career Families: A Study in a Small City of Odisha P3-03
BHAWNA, Gender Discrimination and Child Sex Ratio in India P3-04
BHOWMICK, Abhishek Bhuuiyas of Keonjhar District of Odisha: A Search of Chalcolithic Cultural traits P6-08
BHUYAN, Gangotri Historical Town: Sarthebari-the bell metal capital of Assam P6-06
BILLINGS, Dorothy K Development: Ritual Sustains, Satire Destroys P2-03
BISWAL , Debendra Customary Laws for Protection of Human Rights: Naxalite movement and tribals in Odisha, India P4-05
BISWAS, Samar Kumar Issues and Challenges of Survival of indigenous People: A study on a particularly vulnerable tribal group P5-06
BISWAS, Subir The Dhimals: Struggle and Survival of an Indigenous community P5-06
BLOJ, Cristina Indigenous and Afro-descendant Women’s Political Participation in Latin American: an ethnographic approach P9-08
BOBOC, Cristina Until They Will Return: The practice of housing in post-soviet Armenia and Azerbaijan after the villages swapping during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict P4-09
BOJIĆ, Marčela Returning to the Roots of the Olive Tree P5-03
BORA, Christene Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and its Impact on Rajasthani Women’s Quality of Life P8-02
BORIO, Geraldine Learning from Hong Kong In Between P7-06
BRARA, Vijaylakshmi Imagined Nation Imagined History and Factual Fieldwork P1-02
BRØGGER JENSEN, Kirstine What to Learn from Architectural Fieldwork?: Seeking to substantiate refurbishment of social housing areas in Denmark P7-06
BUCHOWSKI, Michal The dialectics between sociology and ethnology/anthropology: rivalry and inspiration (with a special focus on the Polish
BUCHOWSKI, Michal Is Communism a Form of Secular Religion? P1-09
BUNDHUWONG, Chalita Community-based Disaster Risk Management in Thailand: Knowledge, Practices, Success and Limitations P5-02
CAGAT, Kathrine Ann Mixed-views: Diverse visualizations in the monitoring and mapping of the Ifugao Rice Terraces P6-06
CAMPORA , Edith Urban Landscapes in Latin America: drugs, homicide and sociocultural precarity, in the perspective of Anthropology P9-08
CAPO-ZMEGAC, Jasna Eastern European Anthropology as ‘Native’ Anthropology P9-13
CAPPONI, Giovanna Orixás between two diasporas: Political and cultural legitimisation of Afro-Brazilian Candomblé in Brazil and in Europe P1-03
CASE, Peter Applying Western Management Principles and Technologies to Agricultural Extension Services in Lao PDR: Ethnographic stories of interface, resistance and adaptation P2-05
CASTRO-VÁZQUEZ, Genaro The course that everyone can take P7-03
CAVANAGH, Connor Joseph Killing to make human? Civilising violence, scientific forestry, and the ‘Dorobo question’ in Kenya Colony P5-06
CESARINO, Letícia Brazil’s Emergence as a Provider of Development Cooperation to Africa P9-04
CHAI, Elena Gregoria Community Allegiance to Temple: Chinese “Communities” in Sarawak, Malaysia P1-01
CHAKRABORTY, Ashin Tourism Development: Beyond Conservation P6-05
CHAKRABORTY, Sovan A study on the Problem, Development and Welfare among the Scheduled Tribes of West Bengal P5-06
CHANDALIA, Hemendra Singh Pabuji Ka Pavda: A Folk Ballad Of Rajasthan P6-02
CHANG, Ching-fang Ethnography on Creative Work: Methodology and Approach P7-03
CHANNA, Subhadra Violence in the name of ‘honour’ P3-04
CHANTIA, Alok Elderly People And Human Rights: An Appraisal of Indian Safeguards P4-03
CHANTIA, Shikha Indian Chikankari: In Light Of Sustainable issues P6-01
CHAOPREECHA, Jakraphan The Emergence of Religious Space on the Facebook: The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand P1-08
CHATTERJEE, Diptendu A Study in use of Contraceptive and Awareness among the Bengali Women of Kolkata P3-02
CHATTOPADHYAYA, Indrani Archaeology and Semiotics: A glimpse of prehistoric representation of religious belief from central India P6-08
CHATURVEDI, Kshama Estimation of Stature from Various Circumferences of the Body among Brahmin and Yadava Community of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh P4-01
CHAUDHURI, Buddhadeb Indigenous Knowledge Related to Health: Opportunities and Challenges P2-03
CHAUDHURI, Soumyadeb India and China- Two Major Skilled Expatriates in USA: Adaptation of Indian IT expatriates P9-04
CHAVENE , Clio Privilege Migration in a Southern City: ethnographic study of international presence in Ramallah (Palestine) P1-07
CHEE, Wai-chi Embodiment and Representation of Islamic Enclosure and Cosmopolitan Identities: Young Chinese Female Muslim Converts in Hong Kong P1-08
CHEN, Bateer Growth Patterns and Features of Private Higher Education in BRICS P9-04
CHEN, Shihlun Allen Socializing Chineseness: Cambodia’s Ethnic Chinese Communities as a Method P2-05
CHENAUT, Victoria The Paradoxes of the Mexican State in a Municipality of Veracruz, Mexico P5-06
CHI, Xinyan Green Angels Supporting Plan for Protecting World Cultural Heritage: A Case Study on Qiliping of Mount Emei P6-05
CHIEN, Mei-Ling Rice as Gift: Food, Exchange and Hmub (Hmong/Miao) Kinship Recognition in Eastern Guizhou, Southwest China P5-03
CHO, Yasmin Living the Flesh of Time: The Rhythm and Mobility of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Post-Mao China P2-02
CHOOWONGLERT, Achariya Hospitality as a Space of Consuming Relations: A Case Study of the Tai P6-03
CHOUDHURY SEN, Nandini Gender, migration and human trafficking: The untold story of the Gurgaon maid P4-02
CHOUDHURY, Nandarani Challenges of Decentralized Governance through Panchayati Raj in Assam P9-07
CHOWDHURY, Manas Kumar Living with its own Jinx: Revealing the Multicultural Modernity in the Recent Past of Europe P9-11
CHOWDHURY, Moiyen Zalal Nationalism and Multiculturalism in Social Media P9-11
CHUA, Glen Extra-territorial Christians: Ethno-Religious Borders in Northeast India P1-03
COX, John Christian Citizens as Financial Selves: Reforming the Nation in a Papua New Guinean Ponzi Scam FP-02
DADADJANOVA, Iroda A. “A Woman Who Sings”: Representation of Uzbek Divas in a New Socio-Cultural Space P9-09
DAENGBUPPHA, Jaruwan Authenticity and Heritage Interpretation for Conservation P6-03
DAS, Amiya Kumar The Myth of Good Governance and Less Government: A Reflection on Democracy in India. P9-07
DAS, Manju Prava Climate Change and its Impact on Rural Fishermen P5-01
DAS, Nava Kishor Flawed Constitutional Institutions and Misgovernance in Northeast India: A Critique of Anthropological Paradigm P9-07
DAS, Priyanka Obesity Related Hypertension in India: a review P4-01
DASH, Mamata Globalization and the Issues of Trafficking of women in Orissa: An analysis from human rights perspective P4-01
DE OLIVEIRA Júnior, Adão Gonçalves Rescue of Popular Knowledge in Education: handmade manufacture of cheese P5-03
DEBNATH, Debashis Indigenous Knowledge System, Biodiversity Governance and Livelihood Securities in Community Forest Management: An Anthropological study in three Primitive Tribal Groups in India P2-03
DELIBAS, Kayhan Challenges of Data Collection in Troubling times: Cultural and Political Polarization, Low Trust and Data Collecting in Turkey P1-02
DEVI, Mahima Impact of Migration on elderly People’s right in India P4-03
DIAZ-VERA, Mónica The Spatial Experience of Blind Children P7-06
DING, Sai The Employment Effect on the Self Identification of Ethnic Relationship in Urban Minority Area China P9-05
do CARMO RIBEIRO, Carla Alexsandra Double Road of International Migration in Asia P1-07
dos SANTOS, Ademir Valdir Farewell to Human Rights? Farewell to Public School? Elements for Questioning the Trajectory of Educational Exclusion in Brazil P4-06
DOWARAH, Kuntala Tribal Health and Health Development Policy: An Account of Lisu community of Arunachal Pradesh, India P9-07
DUGAL, Akshi Legislations Addressing the Suffering of Mind & Body:
Physically & mentally challenged People
DUHART, Frédéric The challenges of the Culture of (Foie) Gras. A Southwest France Identity Marker in an Interrelated World P5-03
DUNN, Nick Penumbra Materialities: the anthropology of time-space in the nocturnal city P7-06
EFFENDI , Nursyirwan Traditional Markets and Their Role in Changes of Rural Lifestyle In the Minangkabau Village (nagari), Indonesia P9-04
EGGERT, Edla The Importance of Feminist Hermeneutics in the Activity “Curriculum and Sciences of Religion” as Part of Teachers’ formation in the Pedagogy Graduation Course in the South of Brazil P4-06
EKA DEWI, Astarina Bali as World Heritage Site: Towards Community-based Management P6-06
EMPSON, Rebecca Imagining the Sea:
Coastal Infrastructure, Storms & Mermaids’ Tears
ERKINOV, Aftandil Urbanisation and Modernization as a Stimulus of the Destruction of Patriarchal Family (Tashkent, since 1970s) P9-09
FARAHMAND SABER, Bahram Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Iraq and Syrian Arab Republic P4-05
FAULHABER-BARBOSA, Priscila Dancing Around the Weather: Ticuna knowledge, iconography and environment P2-03
FECHTER, Anne-Meike (No) White Saviors? Privileged Narratives among Aid Collaborations in Cambodia P2-05
FERREIRA, Naura Syria Carapeto Fraternity, Solodarity, Dialogue and Peace P4-06
FERRI, Marta Natural and “Human-made” Resources: the path of Zero Waste toward a resolution of resources insecurity. A key-analysis about local-global alternatives in the age of Crisis. P5-05
FLORES, Dia “I am not a tomboy.” Gendered stances and epiphanies of Filipina immigrants in London. P3-06
FORTIER, Corinne The International Online Market in Sperm or the Eugenics Temptation P3-02
FOZI, Navid Culture as an Enabling Religious Ground: Iranian Zoroastrians and Culture Concept P1-03
FU, Qian-yu A Study on Cultural Ecology Narrative of Contemporary Tibetan Writers: With a View of the Limitations Existing in Current Ecological Literary Criticism P9-06
FU, Yi Collaboration to Safeguard Craftsmanship Heritage in Museums: A case study of the Arts and Crafts Museum Cluster in Hangzhou, China P6-06
FUJIKURA, Yasuko Legitimacy of Families: AIDS and Gender in Nepal P3-02
FUJIMOTO, Masayo Penetration of the Management Philosophy to the Local Employee in the Asian Subsidiary of Japanese Companies, and the Next Propagation P7-04
FUJITA, Hisashi Prevention of Periodontal Disease in Modern Times based on the Number of Remaining Teeth in Ancient Skeletal Remains P6-08
FURSOVA, Elena Culture of Food of the Peasants in 19th century Siberia as an Example to Minimize the Pressure on the Environment P2-03
GAIKWAD, John Solomon Daakhan’: A Dreadful Syndrome. P3-04
GAILLARD, Gerald Religion, Rice and cashew nut among Balanta and Biafada of Guinea Bissau FP-02
GAJPAL, LS Elder Abuse in India: A time for Introspection P4-03
GAMA, Fabiene Emotional performances: female bodily practices for political mobilisation in Bangladesh P3-06
GANDHI DEORI, Bina Religious Beliefs among the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh P1-08
GANIEVA, Gulnora Gender Sociology: condition, problems and prospects in society transformation P9-09
GAO, Xiao Yan Rural Familiar Society beyond Ethnicity and Religious Customs P9-05
GAUTAM, Mohan Re-examining the Ethnographical Museums in Research and Documentation in Exhibiting the Tribal Cultures of South Asia P6-07
GHOSH ROY, Abhishikta Breast Cancer and BRCA2 Gene:
a study among the Bengalee Hindu females of West Bengal
GHOSH, Amit Kumar The Jarawa and Honey: An Ethnographic Enquiry on Honey- Community Relationship among the Jarawas of Andaman Islands P5-03
GOLDSMITH, Michael Revaluing the Goodness of Fences and Neighbours FP-03
GOLOVNEV, Andrei Arctic Nomads: design of mobility P4-04
GOLOVNEV, Andrei Crossroads Vision in Russian Prospect FP-03
GOMIDES, Ludmila The Growth of Buddhism in Brazil: An analysis of the three stages P1-09
GOSWAMI, Arindita Culture Change of a Tribal Community due to the Adoption of Christianity in North East India P1-03
GRAHAM, Fabian Locating the Primordial Soul: ecstatic self-cultivation Taiwan style P1-03
GRIMBERG, Mabel Labour and Politicization of Everyday Life in a Printing Work Cooperative, BsAs, Argentina: Problems and challenges to ethnographic work among social movements and organizations P9-08
GRUJIC, Marija Unhomely Homes – being and belonging in ‘internal displacement’ P2-04
GUAZON , Hector Residency and the Formation of Moral Subjectivity Among Filipino Catholics in Brussels, Belgium P1-07
GUO , Zirui Improvement Measure for Tourism Resources Devaluated of Yangtse River matching with Tea from Mengding Mountain Caused by Ecological Crisis P6-05
GUPTA, Jyoti No Rules but Grammar of Designing P7-03
GUPTA, Seemantini HER-STORY: Self-representation of sexworkers in oral narratives P3-06
GUTMAN, Caroline Entrepreneurs, shareholders and leaders: how women-run businesses foster inclusive societies and promote civic participation P3-05
HA, Miu Yin Localism and Globalism: Role of Agents for transformation of Popular Culture P6-04
HADOLT, Bernhard ‘Being a little bit pregnant’: In-Vitro Fertilisation as Technology of Hope P7-02
HADŽIMUHAMEDOVIĆ, Safet Phantom Landscape: Home as a Lucid Dream P2-04
HAJELA SHRI, Sudheer Chandra Construction of the Self in the Folklores of the Santhals P6-02
HAJELA, Harshita Kutchi Handicrafts and Culture Industry: Emerging Trends P6-01
HALASUR MATT, Maralusiddaiah Rural Migration And Its Impact On Cultural Diversity In Metropolitan Cities P1-07
HALDER, Debjani From Samsodhan (1996) to Gulab Gang (2013): Women are on the way of political Empowerment P7-09
HALLIKERI, Prema Gender in parémiologie: A Socio-Anthroplogical perspective of East and West P3-06
HAMANN, Edmund With Common Neighbors (Education and Migration): Anthropological and Sociological Collaboration Across Fences FP-03
HAMZIĆ, Vanja The Dera Paradigm: Homecoming of the Gendered Other P2-04
HANCART PETITET, Pascale Anthropology, Design, and Information Technology in South East Asia: Innovative steps for the HSEPP international network in Cambodia P7-03
HARDING, Lauren “This isn’t Canada, it’s Home”: Selling Burgers at Qua-ba-diwa P2-04
HARRISON, Faye V. Intersectional Justice, Human Rights, and Feminist Anthropological Engagement P3-06
HARTIG, Anne Sacred and Secular: Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi P1-08
HASEGAWA, Aline Yuri Nikkey Rural Way of Life: the notions of person and family P9-02
HAYAMI, Yoko Living Together but Apart: emerging relationships of care among Karen between hill and city of northern Thailand P3-02
HE, Yue Hani Cultural Landscape of the Traditional Water Resources Management Research P6-05
HEGARTY, Benjamin Imagining Transgender in 1970s Indonesia P7-02
HENDERSON, Patricia C The Social and Imaginary porosity of Cloth in the embodied artwork of Mary Sibande P7-02
HILPRON, Michael Body Awarenes Techniques: Bridging East and West for a Better Mond-Body Ecology P7-01
HIZI, Gil Malleable Selfhood and Self-Cultivation: modern and ancient ideas of ‘self-change’ in Chinese privatised education P1-05
HORAT, Esther Rearrangement of care and shifting notions of femininity and masculinity in Vietnamese families P3-02
HU, Yu-Ying To Pass or Not To Pass? That Is The Question: Recognition Politics, Transgender Right and Hybrid Transnationalism in Taiwan P3-06
HUANG, Huaqing Song-gathering: a meterialized oral heritage in the age of tourism in Longji Zhuang ethnic village in China P9-03
HUANG, Shu-min Transnational Population Movements and the Formation of Plural Society in Taiwan P1-07
HUANG, Yueh-Po The Sanctification of Tenri City, a City in contemporary East Asia P1-09
HUANG, Zhiguo Inheritance and Protection of Traditional Regional Foods P5-03
HYUN, Sinae Problematic Identities: Building of the Thai National Identity in the Twentieth Century TBA
IBÁÑEZ-ANGULO, Mónica Between Cooperation and Control: The Side-Effects of Migration Cooperation Policies with Sending Countries P4-02
IDETA, Keiji Dance and Society: bodily practice of a classical ballet in Thailand P7-02
IKEDA, Mizuho Cultural Heritage and the Power of Education in Thailand P6-06
IKEYA, Kazunobu How Have Local People Shaped the Spaces in the Kalahari Desert? P4-04
IMOTO, Yuki Competing Models of Education, Language and Citizenship in Japan: reexamining discourses of foreign language education P7-01
IRINA, Grigore Embodiment in Everyday Life: Exploring Traditional and Avant-garde Dance Practices in Modern Japan P7-02
ISHII, Masako Transformation of the Notion of Protection: Safety-Nets for Protecting Muslim Filipina Domestic Workers in the Arab Gulf States P3-02
ISNAINI, Zuli Laili Social Network of “Jolok” as an Economic Ressilience in Rural Java P5-04
IWAHARA , Hiroi Politics of Sustainable Tourism: A Case Study of Village Tourism Development Programs in Bali, Indonesia P6-03
IWATA, Shinsuke Transnational nostalgia: consumption of the colonial past in Japan’s outbound tourism to Taiwan P6-03
IYENGAR, G. A . Ghanshyam Folklore and Oral Tradition: The Dialogue of Civilization P6-02
JAGADEESH, Vislawath Health and Tourism: an Anthropological Perspective P6-05
JAIN, Meena Gender Influence in Address System in Indian Culture P6-02
JAIN, Vinay Social Status and Intimacy in the Characters of Shakespeare P6-02
JAISWAL, Ajeet An Anthropological Vision on Nutritional Profile of Adult Kharwar Tribes of Uttar Pradesh, India P4-01
JAISWAL, Sapna Industrial Health Management and Safety in the Textile Industry P4-01
JAKHAR, Sunita Migrations to Greener Pastures: a case study of Rajasthan State in India P4-02
JAKIMOW, Tanya Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Anxieties in a ‘Community- driven’ Development Programme in Medan, Indonesia P9-07
JAPAROV, Amantur Generational Relations In a Modern Kyrgyz Family P3-02
JEFFREY JEHOM, Welyne Sacredness of Knowledge to Sustain Status Quo and Identity or Poverty Alleviation: Pua weavers in Sarawak, Malaysia P2-03
JIANG, Sijun In the Perspective of Communication Study: Cultural-tourism practices of the local knowledge communities in the post disaster Beichuan P6-05
JIKE, Quri The New ICH Tourism Programs and the Exhibition Project P6-07
JOHAR, Pushpendra The Idea of a Perfect Azadi: Narratives from Kashmir P4-09
JOSHI, Saakshi Dead Places Talk: there can be no other ‘Tehri’ P2-04
JUI, Liang Sim Asymmetrical Interdependence: Subcultural media journalists and the mainstream media in Singapore P7-09
KABAMBA, Patience Problematic New Forms of Life from the Debris of the Congolese State P9-01
KABIR, Humayun Who is Shia in Bangladesh? Ethnicity, Language, and Religious Practice P1-03
KAMBARA, Yuko Social Engagement and Morality in Secular Civil Society: Social activists in the post-socialist Slovak countryside P1-05
KAMPA, Tanyawat The Role of Middlemen Networks and Markets in Responding to Climate Variability and Extremes in the Aquaculture Sector in Northern Thailand P5-03
KASTURAY, Amrita S The Oral Narration: Progression of Culture and Folk Art through Pandwani P6-02
KATAOKA, Tatsuki Baba Cemeteries in Thailand P1-06
KATO, Atsufumi Alternative Dispute Resolution With and Without Religion P1-05
KAUPPINEN, Anna-Riikka The Spirit of the Office: Exploring New Management Practices in the Ghanaian Private Sector FP-02
KEILBART, Patrick Pencak Silat and/as media: Reconstructing Indonesian martial arts in cross-cultural, transmedial networks P7-02
KHADER, Vijaya Impact of Economic Empowerment of Women on Food, Health & Livelihood Security P5-01
KHALID, Abda Whose property whose authority? Gendering the legal and customary practices in ownership and access to land: A case of Swat, Pakistan P3-06
KHAMU, Sezolu Studying Gerontology from an Anthropological Perspective P3-01
KHAREL, Dipesh Migration, Transnationalism and Social Transformation: A Case Study of the Nepali migration to Japan P1-07
KHAWZAWL, Teresa L Revisiting Patriarchy in Household Decision- Making among the Hmars of India P3-05
KIKHI, Kedilezo Interface of Land, Development and Governance in Nagaland, India P9-07
KIMURA, Mizuka Islamness and Chineseness of Chinese Muslim Diaspora: Analysis from their Marriage and Death Practices P1-06
KNEZEVIC, Julija Temporary Agency Women Workers in Japan P3-05
KODALI, Vijayanthimala Food Security, Climate Change and Millennium Development Goals P5-01
KOIZUMI, Junji Nationalism, Primordial Sentiments and Governance P9-10
KORDIŠ, Meta Maribor is the Future! Grass-rooted Creative Spaces as Generators of Urban Heartbeat in the Post-industrial City P7-06
KOVAČEVIĆ BIELICKI, Dragana Neither on the Earth, nor in the Skies: Negotiations of (non)belonging among former Yugoslav refugees in Norway P2-04
KOZOROG, Miha Sevdalinka in Exile and Beyond: Returning Bosnian traditional music in (trans)national arena P6-04
KUMAR, Archana Fragmentation and Reconfiguration of Religious Practices among Indian Indentured Migrants and Their Descendents P1-08
KUMAR, Dinesh Development Discourse and Dialogues on Human Rights: An analytical review of Contestations P4-01
KUMAR, Santosh Patients, Prescriptions’ and Physician: Do the Physician and Pharmacist matter? Exploring Pharmaceutical Anthropology P8-02
KUMAR, Souvik Children’s’ Play and games in the Tribals of West Bengal: An Ethnographic Study P7-02
KUNARE, Anjali Dalit Women – Victims of Harmful Customary Practices in India P3-04
KUNIHIRO, Akiko The Etiquette of dāna, unreciprocal gift giving, at the temple of Hindu Goddess P1-05
KUNSTADTER, Peter Ethnic Disparities in Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Persist Despite Socioeconomic Acculturation in Rural Northern Thailand P2-02
KURAMOTO, Ryosuke Morality beyond Morality: A case study of Theravāda Buddhist monks in Myanmar P1-05
KURANE, Anjali The Rise of Mega cities: Challenges and Opportunities P2-01
KUSTANTO, Andi Local Wisdom Indonesian Batik as Local Culture P6-01
LAPLANTE, Julie Jamu becomings on the island of Java, Indonesia P7-02
LARRETA, Enrique The global imaginary of equality: On the Reception of Thomas Piketty’s Le Capital au XXIe Siècle P9-12
LATERZA, Vito Saving souls through the market principle: Christian development in a Swazi company town P9-01
LATOSKY, Shauna Behind the hype of ‘harmful cultural practices’: A case study from Mursi (Mun), Southern Ethiopia P3-04
LEE, Siew Peng The weakest link: the ‘culture’ factor in design and technology P7-03
LEE, Wendy Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey P7-09
LEE, Yi-tze Fragrant buds, like us, soon turn into useless flowers”: Indigenous Farming Labor and Affective Discourse on Diligence in Taiwan P5-06
LEPCHA, Charisma From Homeland to Holyland: Changing Significance of the Dzongu Space P1-08
LI, Lin The Adaptability of Ethnic Minorities In the Process of Urbanization in China P9-05
LI, Lingxia Reflections on World Cultural Heritage Application of Yongshun’s Laosicheng Ruins from a Spatial Perspective of Anthropology P6-03
LI, Qiaoyang Liu Village Disoriented-Case Study: Beautiful Disaster in the Modernization P2-01
LI, Quanmin Locating Social Identity on Cross-borders: Tea Diplomacy of De’ang People in the southwest of China P9-04
LI, Ya Co-existence and Harmony: Participatory Discussion of Tibetan Village Women on Family Planning and Mountain Herbs Planted Issues P7-09
LIN, Yu-sheng Religion, Cult, or the Truth? – Yiguan Dao in Buddhist Thailand P1-08
LIU, Jun Genetic Diversity Analysis of capsicum annuum’s Germplasm Resources Based on ISSR Markers P5-03
LIU, Rong Chinese Policy on Ethnic Cadres P9-05
LIU, Xiao-chun Issues and Implications on Tourism Development in Minority Areas of China P9-06
LIU, Xiaomin A Research of Antipoverty in Southern Xinjiang in the Perspective of Social Security: evidence from Wuqia County of Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture P9-06
LONGMAN, Chia Conceptual Challenges and Research Potential of the Notion of “Harmful Cultural Practices” P3-04
LUCAS, Ray Anthropology in the Studio: Observation, Graphic Anthropology, and Knowledge Production in Architecture P7-06
LUKAS, Helmut Modernization and Islamization Policy towards marginal ethnic minorities pursued by the Indonesian governmentthe Indonesian “New Oder” government P1-03
LUKASIK, Candace Categorizing Christians in the Middle East: Christian-Muslim Relations and the National Unity Paradigm in post-2011 Egypt P1-03
LUO, Jiang Experiments and Achievements of the New Medical Art Policy Initiatives: Art for medical benefits P8-03
LUO, Jing The Form of Subjectification: a Spatial Narrative of the Diaspora in Bangka, Taipei P2-04
LUO, Kanglong Preservation and Innovation: A Case Study of Community Culture of the Dong Nationality in Huanggang Village P6-05
MAHARJAN, Panchanarayan Ethnic Autonomy as a challenge to Peacebuilding process in Nepal P4-10
MAHJABEEN, Faria Rearticulating Politics of Folk Culture and Sports P6-02
MAHTO, Neena Recent Impact of Environmental Crisis on the Tribal People of Jharkhand P9-06
MAHTO, Raja Ram Tusu Thrills and Imbibes Revolutionary Spirit P9-05
MAITI, Sameera Domestic Violence and Abuse – Can we find a solution? P3-04
MAKUKULE, Idah M Migration and Social Institutions: the emergence of new communities in a South African informal settlement P2-01
MALMSTRÖM, Maria The body as the locus of moral cultivation by the self and others: P3-04
MALONDA, Benny Political Culture: Study about Women as Artist and as the Member of Legislative Assembly in Indonesia P3-06
MANETTA, Delphine Political power, violence and money (Burkina Faso) P9-12
MANGAHAS, Maria Anthropology, Sociology and Filipino Social Science FP-03
MANIK, Sadhana “It’s time to worry about me and my finances”: How the Middle East Attracts, Recruits and becomes a haven for South African Teachers P4-02
MARAK, Quinbala “I Will Not Play – I Feel Shy “: The Socialization of Garo Children through Games P7-02
MAROUDA, Marina The neglected side of philanthropy: ghosts and entrepreneurs in contemporary Việt Nam FP-02
MARTYNOVA, Marina Migrants in Moscow Megacity and the problem of Sustainability P2-03
MARUSHIAKOVA , Elena Visible and Invisible Roma Migration P1-07
MASILAMANI, Arivanandan An Empirical Study of Socio and Economic Challenges of Dalit (an oppressed community in India) Diabetic Patients in Rural Areas P4-01
MATHEWS, Gordon Anthropology/Sociology in Hong Kong and the World: A Proposal for Abolishing Anthropology as a Discipline FP-03
MATHEWS, Gordon Aiding Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong: Truth, Lies, Activism, and Ambivalence P4-08
MATHUR, Chandana Anthropology in reverse’ and the question of disciplinary boundaries FP-03
MCALLISTER, Patrick Sacralizing the City: religious space making in Ho Chi Minh City during Tet, the Vietnamese lunar new year P1-08
MCCARTNEY, Patrick Taking Care of the Great Danger: Making Sacred Spaces with Sanskrit P1-08
MCDONALD, Anne Looking to the Traditional Knowledge Sets of Marine Coastal People: a case study from the Japanese ama divers of Japan P5-02
MEDHI, Birinchi K Health Struggle with flood, sand and erosion: the case of the Mishings of North East India P5-06
MEENA, Meenakshi Approach to Ageing: The emerging pattern in India P3-01
MEHER, Bandana Lost Assets of Family : Study on Aged Women from Old Age Home P3-01
MEHROTRA, Nilika Reimagining Anthropology Through Feminist Disability lens P3-06
MELGAARD, Bente Space for ‘the Good Life’ in the Suburbs P7-06
MENCHER, Joan P. SRI/SCI and Climate Change: Agro-ecology an Anthropoligical Approach P5-01
MIDYA, Dipak Women in Violence and Violence on Women in Conflict Areas of Junglemahal, West Bengal, India P4-10
MINOO, Arihiro The Farmers’ Collaboration with Middlemen ‘Tempted’ by the Rumor P5-04
MISHRA, Vijay Culture Industry and Fashion Trend across the Globe: A study of Self Help Groups and Banking loing system in India P6-01
MISRA, Preeti Vulnerability to Crime and Elderly People in India: A Critical Study P4-03
MISRA, Rohit Elderly Muslims and HIV/AIDS: A Human Rights Perspective P4-03
MISRA, Shalini Folktales from India: A Feminist Perspective P6-02
MIURA, Junko Decision-Making Process for Migrants: the Case of Refugee Resettlement in Thailand P4-10
MIYABARA, Gyo Overseas Death, Burial Practices, and Ancestral Worship: A Historical Overview and a Conceptual Framework P1-06
MIYAZAKI, Hidetoshi Livelihoods Change of Pastoral Community in Arid Land of Northwest India TBA
MOHACSI, Gergely Herbal Dimensions: Cultivating, collecting and screening
medicinal plants in Vietnam
MOHAMMAD, Kamaruddin Theorizing Islamic Ritual Prayer: Filipino Muslim Mystic Perspective P1-05
MOLLICA, Marcello Encountering Troubles in Data Collection: From South Caucasus to the Eastern Mediterranean Coast P1-02
MONDAL, Nitish Issues and Challenges of Ageing and Gerontological Research in India P3-01
MONDAL, Sekh Rahim Indigenous Peoples of North Bengal in India: Some observations on the issues of their survival strategies, cultures and identities P5-06
MONTEILLET, Nicolas The screen and the Fang cuisine: traditional cuisine of rural and first and second generation migrants in Libreville P5-03
MORITA, Atsuro The Barrage, Houses on Stilts and the Amphibious Landscape:
Infrastructure and Enactments of a River Basin in Central
MUKHERJEE, Ambarish Documentation of Non-Timber Forest Resources in Ayodhya Hills of Purulia District in West Bengal (India) for Sustainable Economic Welfare of the Poor Forest Dwellers P5-05
MUKHERJEE, Indrani Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility: An Indian Perspective P9-10
MUKHERJEE, Tapas The Japanese Wife: A cinematographic study of cultures P7-09
MUSCH, Tilman Belonging to the Desert: Orientation in an “empty ” space P4-04
NA NAN, Sakkarin Beyond the Death of Nature: Articulation of Seed Commodification and Conservation under the Global Seed Market Integration in Northern Thailand P5-04
NAIK, Iswar Chandra Indigenous People’s Movements against Development induce Displacement in Odisha, India P5-06
NAKAMURA, Sae Sensibilities towards suffering and care relationships: An examination of narratives and daily practices of old-age home residents in southwest coast of Sri Lanka P3-02
NAMBA, Miki The Mekong River as a border infrastructure between Laos and Thailand P2-02
NARASAJ, Benjawan The Mindsets of Local Communities regarding their Rights to Participatory Heritage Management at Phanom Rung Sanctuary, Northeast Thailand P6-06
NARASIMHAN, Haripriya Small Screen Parivaar:
Family and Kinship in Hindi television soap operas
NASCIMENTO, Elisabet Ristow Continued Education and the Education Practice in the Border Zone Between Brazil and Paraguay P4-06
NATH, Prafulla Devolution and Gender: The changing nature of Patriarchy P9-07
NAWA, Katsuo Roads to Bikas: Notes on ‘Development’ and ‘Politics’ in Byans and Nepal in the Panchayat Era P9-01
NAYAK, Krupasindhu Female Infanticide and Patriarchal Attitude: declinging sex ratio in India P3-05
NEGI, Sarika Life World of Street Children in Delhi: Issues of Policy P9-10
NGU, Ik-Tien Urban-based Ethnic Chinese activism in Malaysia P1-01
NGUYEN, Dat Buddhist Orphanages in Late-Socialist Vietnam: Politics and Ethics of Care P1-03
NGUYEN, Phong Le Urbanization and Household’s Food Production in Hanoi Suburb P5-04
NISHIMURA, Masao Tangible, Intangible, and Living Heritage: A Comparative Study of Heritage Perception among the People in Laos and the Philippines P6-06
NKWI, Paul Nchoji Anthropology out of the Closet: Africans in Anthropological History P9-13
NONSIRI, Petchsri Selling Experience: Exploring how tour operators integrate sustainable concept into their business P6-03
NWAKA, Geoffrey Indigenous Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Africa P2-03
OKABE, Mayumi The “Development” led by a Buddhist Monk and the Reconstruction of Religious Practices in the Thai–Burma Border Area of Northern Thailand: A Preliminary Analysis of the Revival of the “Chula Kathin” Ceremony P1-05
OKANO, Hideyuki Motorbike Taxies and Statehood Authority in post- conflict Sierra Leone: Turning Former-military Network into a Public Entity P4-09
OKUNO, Akiko The Comparative Study of the Yakult Lady P7-04
OLIVEIRA, Susana Kramer de Mesquita Anthropological and Sociological Boundaries of Indian Woman and Family P3-03
ONG, Kok Chung The Malayan Chinese Returnees in Hong Kong: A Review of Their Ambiguous Identities and Its Implications P1-01
ONPROM, Surin Climate Change Adaptation and Local Struggles: A Critical Review of Community-based Adaptation Knowledge and Practices in Thailand P5-02
ORLIĆ, Olga Community-supported Agriculture: supporting organic and local food P5-03
ORTIZ , Horacio Cross-border Investment in China: a reflection on financial and political imaginaries of global finance P9-12
OSBORNE, David The Selfish Artefact: Prioritising the Social Network In the Design of Contemporary Architecture P7-06
O’LEARY, Heather Pathways to Resource Security: Water Security among India’s Urban Poor P5-05
PALL, Zoltan Claiming Orthodoxy: The Construction of Salafi Religious Authority in North Lebanon P1-03
PALMER, Lisa Water Politics and Spiritual Ecology: boundary marking and socialised flows P5-05
PANDE, Suman School Education in India: The Emergence of an Alternative Educational Protocol P7-01
PANDEY, Annapurna Gender and Sexuality: Renegotiated Religious Identity Among Indian Women in California P1-03
PANDEY, Manoj Elderly People across the Globe and their Rights: An appraisal P4-03
PANDIT, Tanusree A Review on Reconstructing a Relationship between Stone Tool Industries and Hominin Diet P6-08
PANT, Swati Wool Felts: towards sustainable fashion P6-01
PARMASAD, Vishala A Trace of Sugar: The mediation of global ontologies
through local management practices for diabetes care in
PARTRIDGE, Tristan Fracking, Water, Work: Deliberating Energy Security and its Instabilities P5-05
PATAKY, Zhanna The Medicine Wheel is an Indigenous Knowledge of American Indian Healers P2-03
PATEL, Rahul Older People and their Human Rights: a study with special reference to tribal and rural community of India P4-03
PATEL, Reetika Human Rights of Elderly People in Lucknow City of Uttar Pradesh in India P4-03
PATHAK, Nupur Revisioning Tibetans’ Survival Ways in India: A vision of Touristification or an invisible process of aesthetic hybridization? P6-03
PATNAIK, Soumendra Mohan Siblings or Twins ? Examining the relationship between Anthropology and Sociology in India FP-03
PATNAIK, Soumendra Mohan Transnational Governance and Emerging Policy Networks in Nagaland, India P9-10
PAŘIZKOVÁ, Jana Traditional nutrition, adiposity and health problems in different parts of the world P5-03
PEIRIS, Roshan Non-metric Tooth Crown Traits in Mid-Holocene People from Mini-Athiliya Shell Midden in Southern Sri Lanka: Comparison with other world populations P6-08
PELTZER, Karl Female genital mutilation and intimate partner violence in the Ivory Coast P3-04
PENG, Wenbin Politics of Value and Heritage Development in Minority Regions of Southwest China P9-03
PETERSEN, Michael Nebeling Between Precarity and Privilege: Claiming motherhood as Gay fathers through transnational surrogacy P3-02
PEVERI, Valentina The ‘Tree against Hunger’ has Died in the End. Profit-oriented Breeding Programs, Orphan Crops, and Food (in)security in Southern Ethiopia P5-05
PHILLIPS, James Legal Remedies for Indigenous Peoples: Procedures and Practices P2-03
PIMBLEY, Stephen Home Farm: Combining retirement housing with work in vertical urban farming P7-03
POCAPANISHWONG, Nattchawal Translocality at Borders : The Religious Space-Making of Myanmar Migrant Workers in Ranong, Thailand P2-02
POLESE, Abel Challenges, and Advantages, of Conducting Research in Non- democratic Settings P1-02
PRAMANIK, Rashmi Surviving In between Two Cultures: Reflections of Slum Children in Sambalpur, Odisha P4-07
PRATAP, Bhanu Responsibility To Protect: A Defense for the new Emerging Norm P4-05
PROMPAYUK, Supoj The Emigrating of the Natives in the Lower Central Region Community of Thailand from the Tourism Adaptation P6-06
PRSETIJO, Adi Orang Rimba of Jambi : After The Forest Gone P5-06
PÉREZ, Andrea Lissett Carrying the House in the Backpack: Memory traces of urban settlers displaced by violence, the case of Medellin, Colombia P2-04
QURASHI, Kausar Gender and Economic development among the Muslims of Assam, India P9-07
RACLES, Andreea “Ethnicization of smells” and “olfactization of ethnicity ”: A reflection on domestic material culture in the case of Ursari Romanian Roma P7-02
RAGRAGIO, Maria Elena A Survey of Plants used as Repellents against Hematophagous Insects by the Ayta People of Porac Town, Pampanga Province, Philippines P8-03
RAHAMAN, Mohammad Anisur Sustainability of Green Energy through Agro-energy: Prospects and Expectations -A Sociological Analysis P5-05
RAHMAN, Kaleel Is Self-Help a Alternative to Religion? A Day in a Personal Development Seminar. P1-09
RAJKUMARI, Nonibala Media and its Impact on Health of People from Insurgency Affected Area P4-01
RAMACHANDRAIAH, G. Micro Level Food Experiments in Food Security in India P5-01
RANJAN SAHA, Partha Cultural Violence in Multi-ethnic Settings: Some Aspects of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh P9-11
RASHKOW, Ezra D. Eviction From A Biosphere Reserve in Central India P2-03
RASULOVA, Ziyodakhon A. Ethno-Psycholinguistic Experimental Survey of Marriage and Family Relations Concepts P9-09
RAY, Soumen Cooperative Governance and Social Development in Tea Gardens of Assam, India P9-07
RAY, Subhadeepta Race Science and Population: Anthropology, Sociology and the Making of Modern India P9-07
REINHARDT, Bruno On Boundaries and Flows: Pentecostal materiality and immanent critique in Ghana P1-03
RETNAKUMARI, Jayasree Infertility and New Reproductive Technologies: A Gender perspective P3-02
REUTER, Thomas Food Systems in Indonesia: A moral economy approach to resource security P5-05
RIAL, Carmen The Football Players as Global Pastors P1-03
RIAL, Carmen Building Fences – How Brazilian Anthropology Forgot Its Old Neighbors FP-03
ROBERTS , Nicholas Continuity & Change in the Use & Value of Caves in Lao PDR: A case study from Vilabouly District, Savannakhet Province P6-06
RODRIGUEZ, Cheryl R. Women, Housing and Human Rights: Comparative Perspectives on the U.S. and South Africa P3-06
RODRIGUEZ, Lía International migration from Bangladesh to India: scope of the issue in the bilateral relations. P4-02
ROESLER, Sascha On Ethnographic Representation in Architecture P7-06
ROY, Chandreyee Forest Resource based Tribal Enterprise: An Approach towards th P5-06
ROY, Samik Commercial Afforestation and Consequences: A study on the tribal population of West Bengal, India P5-06
RUDNEV, Viacheslav Indigenous Culture and Problem of Modern Education on Sustainability P2-03
RUDNYCKYI, Daromir A Crisis of Financial Representation: Islamic Finance, Counter-Coloniality, and the Problem of Sovereign Money P9-12
RUEFF, Henri Can Environmental Conditions Affect Smallholders’ Climate Change Perception? Evidence from an Aridity Gradient in the Gobi Desert P4-04
RUGKHAPAN, Napong Tao Governing the Historic City: boundaries, architecture, and knowledge in historic preservation P7-06
SACHDEVA, Ashok Folk Literature in Shakespeare P6-02
SADOMBA, Zvakanyorwa Wilbert New Methodology for African Technical Knowledge: Using taboos and proverbs as texts P9-13
SAE CHUA, Bencharat Revisiting Social Movements’ Ideologies: The dilemma of rights in Thai environmental movements P5-02
SAKATE, Machhindra Contribution of Marathi Scholars in Anthropology P9-13
SAKATE, Pushpalata Irawati Karwe: An Anthropologist in India P9-13
SAMADDER, Biva The Indigenous Knowledge System of The Limbus in their Surroundings in their Economy: An Anthropological Study in Kalimpong sub-division of the Darjeeling District in West Bengal, India P2-03
SAMAL, Swagatika Off the Scene: the marginalized slum dwelling girl- children of Sambalpur City P4-07
SAMPA, Taraphdar (Basu) Childhood in the Slum of the Red Light District P4-07
SANGKHAMANEE, Jakkrit Of Man, Machine and Museum: An Amphibious Network
in Thailand’s Water Engineering Technology
SARAIVA, Clara Anthropology and Sociology in Southwest Europe. The Case of
Portugal: A Possible Dialogue or Backs Turned ?
SARAN, Rupam Social Production/Reproduction: Immigrant Youths as Sources of upclassing for Skilled and Non-Skilled Asian Indian Immigrants in USA P4-02
SARKAR , Bijoy Kumar Oral literature of the Chain Community in West Bengal: An anthropological Study of the Marriage Songs P6-02
SARKAR, Swagato Surviving Neoliberal Commodification of Land P9-01
SARMAH, Bhupen Sovereignty, Autonomy and the State: Politics of the Periphery P9-07
SATASUT, Prakirati Modern Thai Buddhism and a Genealogy of ‘Political’ Monks P1-05
SAXENA, Sanjay Fashion trend and its Effect of Indian Culture Industry P6-01
SCHEDNECK, Brooke Religious Encounters within Theravada Cosmopolitan Domains P1-09
SCHOENI, Dominique Building/dwelling an Exhibition: a plea for an “undisciplinary ” approach of anthropological knowledge in museum P6-07
SCHUURMAN, Beligje The ‘Soft’ Values in Female Mobilities P3-02
SCHÄUBLE, Michaela Picturing Realms of Religious Performance and Authenticity P1-09
SE, Teruhisa Liberal Democracy and Religion: An Analysis of a Japanese General Conception of Human Rights P1-05
SEAH, Chia Shih Paveena Competing Aspirations towards Heritage Conservation in Singapore: A case study of Dakota Crescent P6-06
SHAKUTO-NEOH, Shiori Walking in Utopia: Materiality of Life among the Japanese Retirement Migrants in Malaysia P7-02
SHAKYA, Mallika A Formalist-Substantivist Debate around ‘Competitiveness’ in Washington DC and Kathmandu P9-01
SHANKER, Sugandha Rituals and Media a Tool for Biodiversity Conservation P5-02
SHARMA, Haresh Kumar Hydropower Development in Western Himalayas, India: Conflicts, Issues and Indigenous Rights in Tribal Region P4-05
SHARMA, Omprakash Indian Myth, Drama and Kathakali in Arundhati Roy ’s “The God of Small Things” P6-02
SHARMA, Tripta Development and Social Movements: On Media’s definition of Democracy Farmers’ Movement in Indian Print Media P4-09
SHARMA, Vijay Prakash Ethnicity, Ethnic Identity And Religious Movements In Asia P1-07
SHETTY, Jyoti Occupation and Occupational Mobility among Urban Mali Women P3-05
SHETTY, Yogitha Memory and Matrilineage: Is the Siri Mass Possession Cult of Tulunadu a Death Ritual? P3-03
SHI, Kaizhong World Intangible Culture Heritage: the Kam Grand Choirs and the Development of Dong Society P9-03
SHI, Tian Utopia, Modernity and Negotiating Ethnicity: Minorities in Chinese Contemporary Documentaries P7-09
SHI, Xiang Swing: Adaptation for Migration of Minority Immigrants from High Altitude Areas of Wuling Mountain-a case study of Wanglong Tujia village in southeast Chongqing P9-05
SHIMAZONO, Yosuke Embodying dis/connection: an anthropological inquiry on commercial surrogacy and embodiment in India P3-02
SHIMODA, Yukimi Experiencing Different Forms of Diversity between More Diverse and Less Diverse Societies P2-05
SHOOCONGDEJ, Rasmi “Voices of tribal spirits”: archaeological heritage management in northwest Thailand P6-06
SHORO, Katleho Terms of Engaging and Project-ing Africa(ns): An ethnographic encounter with African Studies through “Curate Africa” P7-01
SHUKLA, Sarika Religious Food Now A Lost Heritage P5-03
SIANI, Edoardo Diviners and the sublimation of class and religion in contemporary Thailand FP-02
SIMON, Scott Living with Bamboo Groves: Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Living of Taiwan’s Truku People P2-03
SIMÕES, Soraya Prostitution and Human Rights: an analysis of the relationship between academy and the social movement to promote sex workers rights in Brazil P4-08
SINGDEE, Chaiyaporn Exporting James Bond, or Indigenizing Ralph Lauren: Jatujak Market and the Arts of Thrifting in Contemporary Thailand P6-01
SINGH, Ajai Pratap Elderly People and Human Rights in the Context of Tribal India P4-03
SINGH, Anand Contextualising developemnt and skills transfer in the context of migration P4-02
SINGH, Kirti Vikram Social Work Practice with the Elderly P4-03
SINGH, Manoj Kumar Cultural Heritage management in South Asia: Challenges Ahead P6-06
SINGH, Mrinila Benefit-cost analysis of organic and inorganic carrot production in Chitwan district of Nepal P5-03
SINGH, Ramesh Pratap Folk Songs of Tribals in Uttar Pradesh, India: A Study P6-02
SINGHA, Narendra Cultural Significance of Lai Haraoba: A traditional dance festival of Meiteis of Manipur, India P6-04
SINHA , Neha Migration of Indians to Mozambique: Role, Identity and Contribution P1-07
SINHA, Bobby Luthra International Migration as the flip side of Patriarchy, Poverty and Development in Nepal P4-02
SOMOON, Kanokwan A Review of the Effect of Window Display on Customer Behavior P7-03
SONG, Yanpeng Sustainable Chinese Identity – The Study of Hokkien Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia P1-06
SPIEGEL, Andrew On the Perversity of ‘Development’ Interventions that Target the So-called ‘Urban Poor’ P9-01
SPISSU, Giovanni The Familiar P2-04
SRIMULYANI, Nunuk Endah Symboization of Women in Kartini`s and Malala`s Day P3-06
STEIN, Michal Transgressive Creativity: self- expression and oppression among ‘Hard-core’ tattooed women in Israel P7-02
SUHR, Christian A Truth that Hides Behind the Many P1-03
SUKKUMNOED, Decharut Whose Evident is Counted?: The Negotiation Power of Community-based Impact Assessment in Thailand P5-02
SULTANA, Habiba Family Relations, Fictive Kinship and Intergenerational Aspect of sex work in brothel: A Study of Daulatida brothel Bangladesh P3-06
SUMIHARA, Noriya What Is Mono-Zukuri Culture All About? Multi-Facets of the Meanings of Mono-Zukuri, and How A Large Japanese Corporation Defines It and Transmits the Idea Cross-Culturally. P7-04
SUN, Xiaoping Building Socialist Agricultural Modernity from the Wilderness P2-02
SUNAGA, Nobue “Somalilander” in London: Identification of Somaliland Diaspora P4-09
SUZUKI, Wakana Temporal Scaling from Cells to Speculation: a case study
of a Japanese stem cell laboratory
SWEEDAN, Mohamed Small Towns and Megacities, Different Perspectives: Egypt experience, case study P2-01
TAKASHIMA, Chisako Strategic corporate social responsibility in Japanese companies in Thailand P7-04
TALWAR, Upmesh Kumar Anthropological Psychiatry: Narratives of the Wives Staying in
Violent Marital Relationships
TAN, Ai Boay Multiculturalism among the Minority Malays in a Predominantly Chinese Village P1-01
TAN, Kevin Belief and the Body: Symbolic Violence and the Construction of ‘Ki’ in the Practice of Aikido P7-02
TANAKA, Masataka The Narrative of Democracy and the Practice of Journalism in West Africa: The Case of Radio Broadcast in the Republic of Benin P4-09
TANAKA, Rieko Between Music and Anthropology: for Ontological Theory as “Hybridity ” from Western “Classical Music” in Cuba P9-08
TANDON, Chatali “Governing the Sacred”: The Anthropological Exploration of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) and its role in governing, managing and propagating the Kirtan Tradition in Sikhism P9-10
TANDON, Smriti Making Space for ‘Good’ Governance: A Religious Underpinning P1-08
TAO, Ye Spiritual Capital and Business in Chinese Enterprise P9-05
TAOTAWIN, Natedao Contract Farming of Hybrid Seed: Its Contributions and Consequences in Northeastern Thailand P5-04
TATAR, Bradley Social Movements Across Borders: The Korean Campaign against Dolphin Captivity P2-02
TEPARAKUL, Ornuma Key Success Indicators of Creative Tourism Activities in Thailand Case Study P6-03
TERAMOTO, Kanae A Method of Penetration of Management Philosophy in Kyocera Amoeba Management P7-04
THAKUR, Priya The ‘Architecture’ of Megalithic Stone alignments in Southern India and its technological Aspect P6-06
THANGAM, Muthu Sudalaiyandi Dilemma over Repatriation: Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in the Camps of Tamil Nadu, India P4-10
THIRUCHANDRAN, Selvy Women Folks’ Verbal Art: An Anthropological Intervention P6-02
THOCK, Ker Pong The Maintenance of Chinese Identities and Chinese Education in Plural Society: Case Study of Foon Yew Independent Chinese Secondary School in Johor, Malaysia P1-01
TIAN, Feng Social differences between minority college students and Han college students P9-06
TIWARI, Rajesh Role of NGO and Elderly People In India P4-03
TIWARI, Sweta Ethnographic Account of Food Practices Among Konyak Nagas of India P5-03
TOGAWA, Masahiko Fakir Lalon Shah: Religious Thought and Controversy over the Religious Identity in the Postcolonial Bengal P9-11
TOKITA-TANABE, Yumiko Intimate Networks in the Age of Globalization: Women’s Agency and Reassembling Relationships of Care in India P3-02
TOLIBJONOVA, Latofat Songs of Our People: Youth, Music Video and Identity in Uzbekistan TBA
TOVANKASAME , Nicha Community Unification in the Multicultural Space: the Case of ‘Cultural Street’ in Old Phuket Town, Thailand P1-07
TRIBHUVAN, Prasenjeet Acculturation and Tourism – Beyond influencing only ‘lifestyles’ – A case study of Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh P6-03
TRUPP , Alexander Street Vendors and the Role of Social Capital in Thailand’s Urban Tourist Areas P1-07
TUMANGGOR, Rusmin The Role of Indonesian Woman P3-05
TYUNINA, Olga Recovery of Agriculture in Tohoku Region of Japan after Tsunami in March, 2011: Alternative agricultural practices and community participation before and after the disaster P5-02
UDAGAWA, Aya Relatedness and Food Consumption in Argentine Jewish Community P3-03
UNIYAL, Ranu “There is a voice that is a woman”: Voices resisting tyranny and South Asian Women’s poetry P4-02
USUANLELE, Uyilawa Government and Religious Representation: Shutting African Traditional Religion out of the Religious and Political Space in Nigeria P1-08
VALENTIN, Emanuel Memoria Ladina: Participative Approaches to Community- Based Conceptions of Heritage in the Dolomites P6-07
VASHIST, Nilisha Deconstructing ‘Spirit-Possession’ in Balaji Temple, Rajasthan: Symptomatic and Processual Dimensions vis-à-vis Psychiatric Diagnostic Categories P8-02
VASILKOVA, Valeriya New Forms of Reproduction of Indigenous Knowledge in the Context of Futureshock (using live action role playing games as an example) P2-03
VECHIA, Ariclê Education of Children Descending from German Immigrants in Brazil, 1937-1945: Target of a repressive nationalist policy P4-06
VENKATESAN, Soumhya Speaking through Things: Gods and their priests in Hindu south India P7-02
VUCINIC NESKOVIC, Vesna The Role of Sociology in Anthropologization of Serbian Ethnology FP-03
VUČINIĆ-NEŠKOVIĆ, Vesna Creating Hierarchical Ritual Spaces at Christmas Eve: On Public Burning of Yule Logs in Montenegro P1-08
WADELNOUR, Rami The Production of Danger on the Forty Days Road P4-04
WANG, Chris Yueshen “Red Silk”: ethno film project on migrating/no migrating women workers: Village level women’s concerns and issues P7-09
WANG, Maojian Female Images in a National-level Intangible Cultural Heritage – “Zouma Town Folktales” P6-02
WANG, Wuyun Chinese Bosses in Japanese Society: a survey in Chinese- run Companies in Central Japan P7-04
WANG, Xiaomei The Maintenance of Hakka Identity in Balik Pulau, Malaysia P1-01
WANG, Yongxiang Measures to Keep Sustainable Development of the Heritage Resources of Mount Wawushan from the Perspective of Semiotics P6-05
WANG, Yuan Religion under Political Powers: a case of the landscape changing of a big mani stone mound in the past 60 years P6-05
WIERUCKA, Aleksandra Changes in Family Care and Work Distribution among the P3-02
WINKLER-REID, Sarah “Just do your best”: Neoliberalism, care and the constitution of success among pupils in a London secondary school P7-01
WINTERBERGER, Georg Impact of Economic Transition on Livelihood of the Common People in Myanmar P5-02
WONG, Heung Wah Why and How Rule through Consent is Possible: Managerial Control in a Japanese supermarket in Hong Kong P2-05
WU, Ga Dynamic cases to enrich gendered democracy theories P3-05
WU, Xing-wang The Benefit Distribution and Balance of Hydropower Production in Western China P9-06
XIAO, Huihua The Creative Cultural Heritage Tourism Industries: Chuxiong as an Example for Minority Cultural Heritage Tourism Development Studies P6-05
XIAO, Qiang Role of Traditional Beliefs and Biodiversity Conservation in Shannan Prefecture Tibetans P9-03
YAMAKI, Keiko Service Philosophy of the End-of-Life Care at Home Hospices P7-04
YAMANOUCHI, Yuriko Transnational and Local: Japanese Migrants, Indigenous Australians, and their descendants P9-02
YAMAZAKI, Goro Framing and Reframing Choices: Emerging Forms of Conviviality in Practices of End of Life Care in Japan P3-02
YAN, Jie Chan and Tea: The Reconstruction of the Jingshan Temple in Hangzhou, China P1-08
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