Anthropology and Sociology of/by the Global South

subtheme 9

Recent trends in the social sciences and humanities suggest that the global south is no longer merely an object of study, but also a place where theories and methodologies are made and remade. Post-colonialism, subaltern studies, transnationalism, and new cosmopolitanism are some examples of academic trends that emerged in or were proposed by the global south. In many fields, including anthropology and sociology, the number of scholars who live and experience the global south is gradually growing, if not yet dominant. Among many other possible angles, this sub-theme proposes to focus on the decline of colonial influences on anthropological and sociological knowledge, the rise of the global south as an alternative or even a main contributor to the future of anthropology and sociology, and more specifically, on what circumstance that theories and methodologies from the global south can enhance new directions in anthropology and sociology.