Modernity, Development, Mobility

subtheme 2

We have encountered various forms of movements – people, materials and immaterial– across the globe. This unprecedented mobility is, according to some scholars, an inevitable result of globalization, technological advancement, and neoliberalism. Scholars are however ambivalent with regards to the consequences of this phenomenon, some suggesting that greater mobility may mean greater support to democratic ideologies and respect of human rights, and others contesting this claim.

This sub-theme explores how peoples in different parts of the world experience modernity through indigenous and modern knowledge, development, and transnational movements. It aims to foster new understanding about cosmopolitan experiences of voluntary and involuntary migrants, as well as diasporic communities, within local, national and global contexts.

We welcome panels and individual papers that engage with related issues: modernity and its local experiences, social change, development and equality, rural-urban relations, localism versus globalism, indigenous and modern medical practices, global well-being and transnational epidemics, medical tourism, travel, migration, diaspora, exile. Emphasis on communities in Asia is especially welcome.