Cultural Heritage Management, Creative Tourism, Culture Industry: Prospects and Expectations

subtheme 6

Cultural Heritage Management is a multi-disciplinary activity which has raised global concerns during the last few decades. How do we perceive our ‘cultural heritage’? How is it relevant to contemporary society? Communities and scholars are working at balancing ‘conservation’ and ‘development’ in order to maintain our ‘heritage’ in ways which will be meaningful to our future generations. Collaborations among various stakeholders, with strategies for creative tourism, the culture industry and so on, have proved challenging and sometimes contradictory. This young discipline, however, has brought scholars with different expertise to consider the future of the ‘cultural heritage’ of mankind. Sharing experiences and debating ideas continue to foster the development of the subject.

This sub-theme welcomes panels which focus on the management of both tangible or intangible cultural heritage in all encompassing aspects, including tourism, localism, education, cultural rights, museum studies, public archaeology and so on. We welcome contributions that discuss case studies from different geographical regions. Theoretical debates of such issues are also encouraged.